Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No old dilema for me anymore

nu incredinta libertatea ta latului din jurul degetului,nu incredinta fierbinteala ce te-a cuprins spre a fi tratata de Doktor Schnabel din Roma.mai bine dormi,lipeste-ti pleoapele la loc,acolo esti in siguranta,si chiar si cosmarul ce te urmareste,e doar un purice inofensiv,strivit de greutatea somnului,in niciun caz licuriciul carnivor ce'ti pare.

don't give yourself away for the certainty of now,but rather sell your soul for the uncertain,yet remarkable,remember-worthy future.don't put your hopes onto a circle of metal,it's heavy,it won't float for it's real meaning is a hole,and not it's shape.infinity of emptiness,in the golden arms of a wrinkled Hera,still waiting for Zeus to stop fooling around.I no longer trust sugar coated words,nor gestures,a wise man never accepts something as a fact without until I mesure my pulse,there's no such thing as trust.For noone trusts my judgements,and noone choses to check them,noone believes me.Not even myself

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